Dec 16, 2010

Global Ecology Corp. Announces New Water Treatment Venture in South Africa

New subsidiary GEC Africa will market company's MobilePureWater System

Global Ecology Corp. (GEC) announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement with Isongo Water (Pty.) Ltd. of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, to establish a subsidiary for the sale of the company's Mobile PureWater System (MPWS) and its licensed mineral solution, IMS 1000.
GEC and Isongo will form a jointly owned subsidiary of GEC to be known as GEC Africa to pursue the sale of the water purification systems and the mineral solution throughout South Africa and neighboring countries. As part of the arrangement, Isongo will be granted an exclusive license for the sole benefit of GEC Africa for the sale and distribution of the MPWS units. The intention of the parties is for GEC Africa to have its own manufacturing facility for the water systems and IMS 1000.
"This is a major opportunity to help the people of Africa with insufficient water resources gain access to fresh water on a daily basis. Our MPWS unit provides an efficient cost-effective solution to bring fresh water to cities and villages through Africa, where access to enough potable water is a major health issue," said GEC CEO Peter Ubaldi. "In October we demonstrated our Mobile Water Purification System for representatives from the United Nations, state and local government officials and humanitarian organizations. They were able to see the ability of the cart to convert contaminated water to pure clean drinking water. The upgraded technology in our system not only allows for the immediate consumption of the water, but also treats the water with our licensed IMS 1000 solution so that water can be safely transported and stored even in tropical conditions. This is an important feature for developing countries with limited water transportation and storage infrastructure."