Jun 12, 2009

Geosyntec Consultants Announces Merger Acquisition with MEC Water Resources

MEC becomes part of Geosyntec’s Great Lakes region

Geosyntec Consultants, Inc., Atlanta, Ga., has announced the formal closing of its merger acquisition with MEC Water Resources, Inc., Columbia, Mo. The merged company will retain the Geosyntec brand with MEC Water Resources continuing to serve its clients as an operating unit of Geosyntec.

According to Eric Strecker, Geosyntec principal and chair of the firm’s water and natural resources practice group, the merger of MEC Water Resources with Geosyntec “creates a team of specialists with a broad understanding of the water management issues facing communities across the country where water quality, stream flows and consumptive use are integral parts of the drive toward sustainable development. We are pleased that MEC Water Resources chose Geosyntec as its merger partner to not only enhance Geosyntec’s position as a leader in water resources management but also to bring MEC’s exceptional capabilities in water quality modeling, assessments, and permitting to Geosyntec clients.”

With the closing of the merger with Geosyntec, MEC Water Resources becomes part of Geosyntec’s Great Lakes Region serving clients primarily in the upper Midwest, mid-Mississippi Valley region and central plains states.