Aug 01, 2018

MPS Solution Addresses Tough Applications, Small Spaces & Tight Timelines

Generators provide flexibility & reliability

Generators provide flexibility & reliability

Configuration, budget and time all factor into a backup power system decision, so a modular power system (MPS) solution from Generac can be a suitable solution. These systems feature built-in paralleling technology that creates expandable and reliable generator configuration. A natural gas-fueled MPS generator solution can provide the same amount of power as a larger genset while adding redundancy and expandability, so it will match current requirements and grow as your needs change. It is very flexible—it can be installed in subterranean to rooftop locations, or any combination thereof. MPS solutions also are more cost-effective than single gensets with the same load capacity, and they offer 99.999% uptime reliability. They are scalable, reliable, affordable and smart.

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