Generac Acquires Baldor Generator Products

Generac will acquire all of the assets of Baldor's generator products division

Generac Baldor generator products Kelly Equipment acquire

Kelly Generator & Equipment Inc. (KG&E) announced that Generac has closed the purchase agreement with Baldor Electric Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of ABB Group, to acquire substantially all of the assets of Baldor’s generator products division. 

This purchase expands the capability of Generac and Kelly Generator & Equipment. It expands Generac’s product offering by increasing the diesel powered single engine capabilities from 600 kW to 2 MW and expanding the industrial towable product offering through 500 KVA.

It also provides a prime power offering in both diesel through 350 kW and natural gas through 323 kW. This provides Kelly Generator & Equipment with the products and services that the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale markets require throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Immediately moving forward KG&E will be able to use the Baldor products to tie into existing paralleling switchgear systems at hospitals, data centers and other large power users that have been manufactured by any of the traditional paralleling switchgear manufactures including many of the smaller paralleling switchgear manufacturers. It will enable KG&E to build larger paralleled generator systems with less individual generators.

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