Jun 06, 2018

Diesel Generator Set Offers Fuel Economy & Small Footprint

Product can be equipped with a variety of attachments & accessories

Diesel Generator Set Offers Fuel Economy & Small Footprint

Rated at 1,750 ekW for 60-Hz standby and mission critical applications, the Cat 3512C diesel generator set meets power requirements in field-proven applications worldwide. The four-stroke-cycle diesel engine combines performance and fuel economy with less weight, reducing installed space by up to 13%. The generator sets operate to the EPA Stationary Emergency (Tier 2) emissions levels while minimizing site preparation, transportation, costs and fuel consumption.

The 3512C can be equipped with a low- or high-voltage frame alternator that features strong motor starting for quick load acceptance, minimizing over-sizing due to motor starting requirements. It also uses the Cat ADEM A3 ECM, combining ignition, governing, air-fuel ratio control and engine protection. The generator:

  • Meets ISO 8528-5 G3 transient response and NFPA 110 Level 1, Type 10 power restoration requirements;
  • Accepts a 100% rated load in one step;
  • Includes onsite and remote monitoring options;
  • Can be combined with Cat ATS and switchgear for a consistent power supply connection; 
  • Features an EMCP 4 control panel that provides interface, management and diagnostic tools; and
  • Features an EMCP 4.4 controller that provides single-unit parallel to utility or multi-generator paralleling to automatically synchronize multiple generator sets.

The 3512C generator set offers a broad range of accessories and bolt-on system expansion attachments. Find packaging options to accommodate your environment or select from UL 2200 and CSA-certified package options for additional safety.

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