Apr 13, 2009

GE Water & Process Technologies Offers OnlineTraining

LearningSource provides a series of online courses

LearningSource from GE Water & Process Technologies is a new Web-based online training program designed to meet the educational needs of today's water professionals.

It is a series of online courses designed to educate operators, engineers and management in all aspects of water treatment. The courses consist of six different curricula with a total of 20 hours of learning. Each course is approximately 20 to 30 minutes in duration.

Curricula include:
&#149 Fundamentals of Water Treatment (7 hrs);
&#149 Cooling Water Fundamentals (2.5 hrs);
&#149 Advanced Cooling Water Program (4 hrs);
&#149 Wastewater Program (3.5 hrs);
&#149 RO Program (1.5 hrs); and
&#149 Boiler Program (1.5 hrs).

LearningSource features include:
&#149 Access from anywhere: Courses available from any computer with Internet access;
&#149 Access any time: 24/7 availability of course material;
&#149 Just-in-Time training: Students learn material when they actually need it;
&#149 Higher content retention: More control means better understanding;
&#149 Customized content: You select the training curriculum;
&#149 Performance metrics: Follow student learning and testing performance;
&#149 Testing capabilities: Measure the competency of courses completed; and
&#149 Reporting functionality: Track and monitor employee progress.

For availability and pricing information, please contact your local GE Water & Process Technologies account manager.

More information is available here.