Dec 07, 2020

EPA Celebrates 50 Year of Progress

The U.S. EPA celebrated 50 years of progress and dedicated a conference center to its first administrator

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The U.S. EPA celebrated 50 years of protecting human health and the environment in the U.S., on tribal lands, and around the world. 

As part of the 50th anniversary commemoration, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler hosted an event at EPA’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., reported the EPA press release. Wheeler unveiled the new Ruckelshaus Conference Center, which is in honor of EPA’s first administrator, the late William D. Ruckelshaus. 

“EPA has delivered on our mission to protect human health and the environment for every American, regardless of their zip code,” said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. “Since 1970 air pollution has fallen more than 77%, down at least 7% in the last 4 years alone. Under the Trump Administration, our nation’s air, water and land are the cleanest and safest they have been in our lifetimes. This is something to celebrate.”

According to the press release, since 1970, the EPA has made significant progress in protecting the nation’s water, cleaning up air and land, and safeguarding human health. 


The press release detailed progress from the following areas: Office of Water; Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention; Office of Air and Radiation; Office of Land and Emergency Management; Office of International and Tribal Affairs, Office of Policy; Office of Research of Development; Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance; Office of Children’s Health Protection; Office of the Chief Financial Officer; Office of the General Counsel; and the Office of Mission Support.

The most recent milestone was launching the first ever U.S. Federal Strategy for Addressing the Global Issue of Marine Litter.  

“In 2020, EPA selected 35 organizations to receive over $3.2M to support environmental projects nationwide under the EE Grants Program,” said the EPA press release. “The funding, ranging from $50,000 to $100,000, was given to organizations that provide environmental education activities and programs. This year’s grantees will conduct project activities in 35 states and Puerto Rico.”

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