Oct 05, 2009

FreeWave Introduces New Modular Expansion Board for IO

Expansion Module expands the number of IO points to meet growing network requirements

FreeWave Technologies, manufacturer of high-performance spread spectrum and licensed radios for critical data transmission, recently introduced the IO Expansion Module. The new module is compatible with most FreeWave radio products and offers a scalable solution—with 12 IO points per module and up to 192 IO points per a 16-module stack—to meet the demands of customers’ wireless automation requirements. By integrating the Expansion Module to an existing FreeWave Modbus network, customers can readily expand the IO count of their Modbus network without the cost of having to add individual radios to meet the IO count requirements.

“Industrial designers, engineers, oil and gas producers will appreciate the ease at which they can easily modify or add to their existing IO network count at a fraction of the cost of traditionally adding more radios,” explained Ken Granader, vice president of sales and spokesperson at FreeWave. “Not only is the new IO Expansion Module flexible, but it is compatible with all FreeWave installed Modbus networks.”