Jan 30, 2013

Illinois County Seeks Better Understanding of Incoming Sanitary Flows

Meters & rain gauges will monitor flow volumes for several villages in the county

Illinois County Seeks Better Understanding of Incoming Sanitary Flows

The Lake County (Ill.) Department of Public Works has enlisted the aid of RJN Group Inc. (RJN) in an effort to gain a better understanding of where the sanitary flows are entering their wastewater collection system throughout the Southeast Lake Facility Planning Area (FPA). Major rain events are thought to be inducing inflow and infiltration leading to excess flows being received at the Des Plaines Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).

RJN will install and maintain 16 flowmeters and three rain gauges on telemetry for one year. This flow monitoring project is intended to monitor flow volumes primarily from the villages of Bannockburn, Buffalo Grove, Kildeer, Lake Zurich, Lincolnshire and Riverwoods in southern Lake County. Data collected from the flow monitoring and rainfall will be continually analyzed by RJN during the flow monitoring period. The analysis of the data includes the identification of data gaps, hydraulic anomalies and monitor performance issues.

After the flow monitoring period is complete, the data will be evaluated further to determine the sources and quantity of excess flow entering the system. A report will be completed to summarize the findings and provide recommendations for addressing the excess flow. This may include additional system capacity, storage or reduction in flow. The County plans on implementing a long-term flow monitoring program; RJN will coordinate with county staff on the meters that will remain and develop a strategy to continue maintaining and servicing them.