Dec 28, 2000

Final Rule Promotes Metals Recovery

By encouraging metals recovery from hazardous wastewater
treatment sludge, a new Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
final rule will help the metal finishing industry meet voluntary waste-reduction
goals as part of its National Metal Finishing Strategic Goals Program (SGP).

The SGP is a stewardship program that grew out of
EPA's Common Sense Initiative (CSI). The new rule allows large quantity
generators to accumulate sludge on-site for 180 days (or 270 days, as
applicable) if the waste is going for recycling to recover the metals. This
rule addresses a barrier to metals recovery and recycling that was
identified by CSI.
To take advantage of the longer accumulation period,
metal finishing facilities must meet certain conditions. The longer accumulation
time will mean that generators can accumulate increased amounts of wastes
and will be able to send larger shipments of the waste off-site for metals
recovery less often, thereby reducing transportation costs associated with
recycling and making it a more attractive waste management option.
The rule was signed March 1 and will be published in the
Federal Register soon. For further information about the rule, visit: or call the RCRA/Superfund
Hotline at 703-424-9346 or 703- 412-9810.
SOURCE: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency