Silver Springs Mutual Water Company Wins Award

Firm honored for drinking water quality

The Nevada State Drinking Water Revolving Fund Award for Sustainable Health Protection has been awarded to the Silver Springs Mutual Water Company of Silver Springs, Nev. Six 11-ft-diameter filters that are designed to remove arsenic from well water were supplied to the firm by Hungerford & Terry.

The Nevada Department of Environmental Protection nominated the Silver Springs Mutual Water Company for this prestigious award. Hungerford & Terry’s arsenic removal filters can handle 1,800 gal per minute (expandable to 2,400 gpm) and reduce the water’s arsenic content from 26 parts per billion to fewer than 4 ppb.

Hungerford & Terry Vice President of Sales Ken Sayell said, “Hungerford & Terry engineers have done an outstanding job with this installation for arsenic removal. The award from the EPA is well deserved by the community and all who were helpful to Silver Springs in achieving quality drinking water. Everyone involved in the project worked extremely hard to consolidate the local water systems so that the entire area and surrounding community receive all the advantages of meeting, or exceeding, the state’s high standards for clean drinking water.”

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