Jan 04, 2013

New Treatment Plant Opens in Zanesville, Ohio

Onsite labs allow for local environmental testing

A new drinking water treatment facility utilizing eight Hungerford & Terry GreensandPlus water filters has opened in Zanesville, Ohio. This new plant replaces a 25-year-old facility that also used Hungerford & Terry filters.

This plant is engineered to treat 10 million gal per day, which improves upon the 7.5 mgd treated by its predecessor. Additionally, the new facility features two 500,000-gal raw water storage tanks, compared to the one tank that was housed by its predecessor. The total cost of the federal stimulus-funded drinking water treatment plant was $16 million.

The plant was designed to allow room for an additional two water filters, which may be added as needed. Bulk storage tanks at the plant are available to house fluoride and phosphates that are utilized in the water treatment. And thanks to the facility’s two onsite labs, a fast turnaround time for water sampling is assured. One of the onsite labs pipes water directly in from the Hungerford & Terry filters to ensure that the treatment process is working as specified.

According to the Zanesville Times Recorder, the onsite labs will also cut down on the turnaround time for water sampling. The city draws 40 bacteria samples per month, and before the new plant opened, those samples were sent to a lab in Columbus. Thanks to the new facility, that testing can be performed locally.

The advanced water technology of the plant also features the latest in electrical and security systems for the constant monitoring of the drinking-water treatment process. The facility’s cost savings and efficiencies are designed to benefit the entire Zanesville community.