GAC Pressure Filters

WesTech granular activated carbon (GAC) pressure filters effectively remove low-molecular-weight contaminants from aqueous solutions. They are especially well suited for the removal of the dissolved organic compounds that are responsible for poor taste and odor in drinking water, as well as removal of chlorine from industrial waters. When used as pretreatment equipment, these filters prolong the lives and efficiency of demineralizing ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis membranes. WesTech GAC pressure filters utilize a pressure vessel, typically with a conical underdrain for convenient GAC media replacement. These filters are sized according to the contact time required for contaminant removal and desired media replacement frequency. Filter piping and valving for multiple units can be arranged to easily change flow paths between parallel-flow, series (lead/lag or daisy chain)-flow and single-unit patterns. Filters are typically backwashed only once, upon new media installation, and the media usage front is then monitored via sample taps to allow for anticipation of media replacement.


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