Feb 10, 2012

Virginia Department of Health Approves Anua's Submerged Aerated Filter System

Environmentally sensitive system ideal for residential, small community and commercial applications

Anua’s new platinum submerged aerated filter system received approval for TL-2 from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). VDH accepted the European EN 12566-3 protocol as demonstrating third party performance, like NSF Standard 40.

Key product benefits include underground installation, submerged aerated filter with no by-pass of media, integrated biomass return from clarifier to primary tank, and small footprint for environmentally sensitive installation in residential, small neighborhood and commercial applications.

The platinum system for individual residential use comes fully assembled for immediate below-ground installation by authorized installers. The system is highly efficient and virtually silent, the only moving part is a small air-delivery system, and its lower maintenance and power consumption needs mean lower total costs for homeowners. It also includes a single or two-stage primary settlement tank, rare in a plant this size.

The unique design and three-step treatment system feature a submerged aerated filter that reduces the level of biological oxygen demand and total suspended solids in the effluent to secondary standards. The wastewater treatment system for small community and commercial use offers numerous options for larger populations, and it’s perfect for small housing developments, apartments, restaurants and hotels, RV and mobile home parks, schools or nursing homes.

Below-ground installation does not take up valuable yard space or leave unsightly equipment exposed, so there is nominal visual impact on the surrounding area. With the same cost, maintenance and installation benefits as the residential system, the system for small communities and commercial use can be modified to conform to strict regulatory standards for enhanced removal, nutrient and pathogen reduction.