Dec 20, 2004

Arsenic Found in Indonesian Politician's Soup

Five people have been questioned after a small amount of arsenic was found in noodle soup prepared for Indonesian Vice-President Yusuf Kalla.
Police spokesperson A.S. Reniban said laboratory tests showed 0.09 milligrams of arsenic in the soup, which was prepared for Kalla at a hotel on the island of Bali.
More tests are needed to establish the source of the arsenic, police said. It occurs naturally in many substances.
Kalla is running for the leadership of the country's largest political party, Golkar.
Golkar heads a coalition of parties that controls 275 seats out of 550 in the Indonesian parliament. In comparison, a coalition supporting President Yudhoyono controls only 233 seats.
This is the second case of possible poisoning involving political candidates to surface in recent weeks.
In Ukraine, presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko suffered severe pain and facial disfigurement after eating dioxin that he claims was planted in his food by someone supporting rival Viktor Yanukovych.