FilmTec Launches Online Parts Order System

FilmTec Corp., a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Co., has launched a new website for purchasing system parts used with FILMTEC elements online.
The website,, enables customers based in North America to purchase parts for all systems using FILMTEC elements quickly and conveniently.
Through the website, customers can purchase system parts for FILMTEC reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) membranes, as well as iLEC interlocking endcaps, including brine seals, adaptors, couplers and tools. These parts can be ordered, paid for, and shipped anywhere in North America.
FilmTec entered into a commercial alliance with Speed Fulfillment & Call Center to provide the online service, which offers customers several advantages for purchasing small parts, including convenient 24 hour ordering, fast UPS delivery, and the use of all major credit cards.
For those without access to the Internet, a fax order form is also available by calling a FilmTec customer representative.


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