Fairbanks Nijhuis Submersible Solids Handling Brochure

In today’s modern sewage pumping stations, you will see pumps in dry-pit arrangements, but most are comprised of wet wells with Fairbanks Nijhuis submersible solids-handling pumps doing their job beneath the surface.

Fairbanks Nijhuis submersible pumps greatly reduce health and safety concerns and feature a small footprint to make their presence much less obvious. This is a major reason why submersible pumps are superseding traditional sewage pumping stations. What’s more, with our proven solutions, you can easily convert a traditional pumping station into a modern pumping station by installing one of our submersible pumps in the wet well, demolishing the pump house and retiring the dry well or merging it with the wet well.

Click below to download the Fairbanks Nijhuis Submersible Solids Handling Brochure.

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