Aug 01, 2006

Extention Basin Systems, Inc. Announces First Product Launch

Extention Basin Systems, Inc. announced that on May 30, 2006, Ralph G. Mastromonaco, P.E. received Patent No. 7,052,206 B1 for his Extention Basin. An efficient method to manage and treat storm water, the Extention Basin is an important breakthrough in storm water technology that helps municipalities, developers and others comply with federal, state, and local water quality and storm water discharge limitations.
While Mastromonaco’s invention is most useful when land for installation is limited, it also provides significant savings even when excess land is available. “Existing systems are almost twice as large as they need to be. By not using this system, you’re wasting space and, hence, money,” Mastromonaco explained. “This is the only practical way to treat storm water this efficiently.”
The Extention Basin stands apart in its ability both to control peak flows and remove pollutants from storm water. Over a wide range of storm frequencies, the Extention Basin requires as little as 50% of the total storage volume compared to the conventional retention basin/treatment basin system in use today, and has other improved features to enhance storm water quality.