Exciting Free Service for Identifying Cutting-Edge Technologies

In order to capitalize on the high-performance products of tomorrow, companies working in environmental engineering and monitoring must identify the latest, cutting-edge technologies of today.
The University of Florida is proud to announce a new service to its commercial partners and interested investors: UF Tech Alert is a simple, free, web-based service that instantly notifies subscribers of University of Florida technologies available for licensing in their specific areas of interest. UF Tech Alert generates a text-only email to subscribers with a web link to a description of the new discovery and contact data for more information.
The service will help recipients in the public and private sectors identify innovative technologies in order to enhance analytical capabilities, run processes more efficiently, and implement solutions to current and future environmental challenges.
Any company subscribed to UF Tech Alert would have been among the first to read about the following UF-developed technologies, which are only a few examples from the long list of breakthrough technologies currently available for licensing:
*An efficient, low-energy, environmentally responsible means of using waste heat from power plants and industrial facilities to produce fresh water at a fraction of the cost of current desalination technologies;
*A method to disinfect and detoxify commercial and residential air and water systems by actively removing electrons via a conductive path; the technology works much faster and more efficiently than photocatalytic oxidation;
*A fixed-film digester by which organic waste from livestock may be transformed into biogas energy and soluble nutrients by using media to provide greater surface area for the growth of bacteria active in methanogenesis; the closed-loop system can operate at lower temperatures and shorter hydraulic retention times than conventional systems, while eliminating odors; and
*A Passive Flux Meter that is groundbreaking, literally. The self-contained, permeable unit is inserted into a well or boring so that it passively intercepts groundwater flow, allowing for the cumulative measurement of both the magnitude and direction of the flux of groundwater and the contaminants therein.
"This kind of customizable service is very helpful to our industry partners," said Jane Muir, Associate Director of the university’s Office of Technology Licensing. "It provides automatic access to the latest cutting-edge technologies from one of the country’s leading research universities."
Subscribers to the free UF Tech Alert service may also choose to receive information about new technologies in a range of other industries, including agricultural, engineering/physical sciences, medical devices, genomics, human health care and others.
To subscribe to UF Tech Alert, simply visit http://apps.rgp.ufl.edu/otl/tech_updates1.cfm (or go to http://www.otl.ufl.edu and click on "UF Tech Alert" in the left-hand column) and select the particular industries of interest.


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