Feb 17, 2010

EWTIS Offers 24-Hour Operational, Maintenance Support for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Eimco Water Technologies establishes new division to extend its services

Eimco Water Technologies (EWT) has established a new Integrated Support Div. to extend its services to Australasian business. Eimco Water Technologies Integrated Support (EWTIS) complements the existing AJM/EWT operation that is a foundation stone of EWT’s strong push into the industrial and municipal wastewater and water reuse sectors within the Asia-Pacific, the company said.

EWTIS Group Business Manager Steve Elsom said the establishment of EWTIS means comprehensive servicing of wastewater treatment plants is now available to ensure that owners and operators of these plants continuously receive expert support 24/7.

“EWTIS provides full operation, service and supply of chemicals for wastewater treatment plants all over Australia and New Zealand, ensuring that they can operate efficiently and cost effectively,” Elsom said. “We assume full responsibility for the smooth functioning of treatment plants, allowing client personnel to concentrate on their core duties.

“Our dedicated staff bring unparalleled knowledge and experience to the task of keeping wastewater treatment plants running and in compliance with the latest legislation.”

Customers to use EWTIS’s services may include industrial plants, mines, manufacturers, steel works, aluminium refineries, oil refineries, pulp and paper companies, electricity generators, primary processors, breweries, wineries.

“We’ve always wanted our wastewater treatment clients to know that they’re not on their own once their plants are operational,” Elsom said. “Customer backup has been an important element in maintaining the excellent reputation of EWT worldwide. A separate company will enhance our ability to offer a first class support service.”

EWTIS has available a new range of chemical products including OptiReg and HyBind coagulants, EnviroFloc flocculants and UniReg one shot products. EWTIS can also supply its parent company’s SureBlend range of both powder and emulsion polymer dosing systems to facilitate ease of dosing of the EnviroFloc range.

“We are already growing rapidly, thanks to the unstinting support of the AJM/EWT team, and this year will be very exciting for us and our customers,” Elsom said.