Albuquerque Bernalillo Wins Expanding Excellence Award

Water utility recognized for smart water network solutions

Sensus extended its congratulations to the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority for being a recipient of the CS Week Expanding Excellence Awards for the Best Smart Infrastructure category during the Expanding Excellence Awards in Tampa, Fla., May 1-3.

The Expanding Excellence Awards are presented to utilities that have successfully completed a project during 2011 or 2012 that optimized an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), meter data management (MDM) or other related technologies. These awards are presented based on complexity, innovation, improved operations and improvement to customer service.

The water authority was selected for this award based on its implementation of a comprehensive smart water network solution, including the Sensus FlexNet multi-application utility communication network and SmartWorks suite from Harris Computer Systems. SmartWorks consists of the MeterSense meter data management (MDM) platform and CustomerConnect, an online portal for the water authority’s customers.

As part of their smart water network program, the water authority has also chosen to integrate a number of other technologies aimed at improving operational efficiency and customer service including a new billing system, asset management platform and mobile workforce management system. By using the data collected by the open standards-based FlexNet solution and integrating it into other Sensus and third party back office systems, the water authority has improved its customer service, business intelligence and overall utility efficiency.

The water authority’s smart water network implementation is part of a larger commitment at the utility to improve overall operational efficiency and reduce water loss. The water authority is currently testing advanced water meters from Sensus to further improve accuracy and flow detection and pursuing pressure management and pressure control with Sensus and its partners to further reduce water loss.


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