Dec 28, 2000

ETV Cited in Federal Register

The ETV Program was referenced in the April 10 version of
the Federal Register. In a discussion on Section 40 CFR Parts 141
and 142 of the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations:
Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment and Filter
Backwash Rule; Proposed Rule (page 19065), the Federal Register
states that the EPA "believes its ETV Program can be utilized to
verify the performance of innovative technologies."

Although not required, the ETV protocols are referenced as a means of
determining whether a specific technology can meet the two log
removal requirement for Cryptosporidium, as required by the new
regulation. The Register acknowledged that ETV verification could
be used for evaluation of alternative technologies that otherwise
might not have been allowed under the rule.

(Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)