ESA Hires New Fisheries Program Manager

Christopher Fitzer will lead impact analyses and studies

Chris Fitzer ESA Fisheries Program Manager

Environmental Science Associates (ESA) announced that Christopher Fitzer has joined its Sacramento, Calif., office as Fisheries program manager. Fitzer’s expertise bridges ESA’s existing service areas of aquatic ecosystem restoration and enhancement, water resources, water supply, land use, and wastewater planning and management, water rights applications, flood control and levee setbacks, natural resource planning, environmental permitting and CEQA/NEPA compliance. Fitzer will collaborate with ESA’s restoration team, leading impact analyses on a variety of project types, and continuing to lead large, complex studies in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and elsewhere.

Fitzer brings over 17 years of experience developing innovative approaches to fisheries investigations, aquatic habitat evaluation and restoration, fish barrier assessment and restoration, hydrologic and water quality data and model interpretation, and working knowledge of California water management issues. He is proficient in federal Endangered Species Act Section 7 and California Endangered Species Act Section 2081 compliance. He brings a unique perspective to projects based on his experience working as a consultant for public and private firms, the Environmental Defense Fund, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Department of Agricultural Forest Service.

Chris is a member of the American Fisheries Society. He holds a Masters in environmental planning focused in watershed/water resource planning from the University of Colorado, and a Bachelor of Arts in geography with a biogeography concentration from Texas Tech University. 

Environmental Science Associates

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