Sep 13, 2016

Coolant Maintenance Product Removes Oil to Extend Tool & Coolant Life

Device comes equipped with magnetic technology, which allows it to hang from metal surfaces

Abanaki Corp. is now offering its latest coolant maintenance product, the Oil Boss. Dirty coolant can generate smoke, a sulfur stench and bacteria that can cause illness in shop workers. This product keeps coolant free of oil and ultimately extends tool and coolant life.  

Oil-laden fluid is pumped up from the sump through the inlet valve of the Oil Boss. From there, it passes through a media system, slowing the flow and allowing the oil to be filtered. The clean fluid flows through a second chamber and back to the sump below, leaving the coolant in the tank cleaner. The oil that has been filtered out can be discharged. In some instances, companies may be able to reuse the skimmed oil elsewhere or sell it for recycling.

The Oil Boss’ discharge valves also provide advantages. Often, coolant maintenance devices require a receptacle to hold the collected tramp oils as they are removed. These receptacles can be knocked over, causing potential hazards and requiring time to clean. Because of the valve, no oil receptacle needs to be present until discharge, preventing clutter in front of the sump. 

The Oil Boss comes equipped with Magni-Cling technology, which allows it to hang from metal surfaces. The Magni-Cling is built for ease of installation in shops and on CNC machines. The base can hold up to nine magnets to adjust the magnetic force. The Oil Boss can also be installed in reverse, which allows it to work within the layout of a client’s shop without tubes and cords becoming tangled. It also has a built-in filter to prevent debris from damaging the pump during operation.

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