Jul 29, 2011

EPA Seeks Public Input on Plan to Clean New York Superfund Site

Chemicals used in dry cleaning to be removed next to local middle school

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a plan to clean up the Peninsula Boulevard Superfund site in Hempstead, N.Y., by removing and treating contaminated ground water from the site. The ground water is contaminated with the volatile organic compounds tetrachloroethylene and tricholoroethylene, chemicals used in dry cleaning that can adversely impact people’s health.
Residents in the area get their drinking water from the Long Island American Water Co., which operates a well field approximately 1,000 ft north of the site. Water extracted from this well field is treated to remove contaminants before distribution and is sometimes mixed with water from other sources.
EPA did not detect any contaminants above acceptable levels in ground water from the company during its investigation of the site.

EPA is encouraging public comments on the proposed plan and will hold a public meeting to discuss the plan and receive comments at on August 3 at the Village of Hewlett High School.