May 20, 2009

EPA Publishes Report from Chicagoland Water & Wastewater Preparedness Summit

Summit explored framework for issues of water sector vulnerability and business continuity

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published the “Chicagoland Water and Wastewater Preparedness and Business Resiliency Summit: A Community Forum on Interdependencies (EPA 817-R-08-012).” The Summit explored interdependencies between the water sector and other critical infrastructures and started the dialogue to develop a framework for collaboration on issues affecting water sector vulnerability and business resiliency.

The Summit also provided a framework for considering the critical role of drinking water and wastewater in business continuity planning. More than 80% of participants indicated their businesses would have to close or relocate if water services were interrupted for a prolonged period (“prolonged” meaning anywhere from three days to three weeks, depending on the nature of the business).

Participants reported, however, this number would drop significantly if businesses were better prepared to deal with service interruptions. At the conclusion of the Summit, an ongoing public-private water preparedness forum was established. This group continues working together to further efforts that promote the protection of water sector infrastructure and enhance business resiliency in the Chicago metropolitan area.

For a copy of the Chicagoland Water and Wastewater Preparedness and Business Resiliency Summit report, please visit:

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