Oct 31, 2008

EPA Orders California Water Systems To Decrease Arsenic In Drinking Water

Eleven water systems must reduce arsenic or face penalties

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered 11 public drinking water systems throughout the state of California to reduce the level of arsenic in their respective drinking water systems or face penalties of up to $32,500 per day for each violation.

The EPA’s orders require the public drinking water systems to develop and meet a schedule to comply with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act’s arsenic standard of 10 parts per billion.

“Providing people with safe drinking water is essential and public water systems must take the steps necessary to comply with all federal standards,” said Alexis Strauss, the Water Division director for the EPA’s Pacific Southwest region.

The EPA has issued orders to the following California public water systems:
&#149 City of Delano, Kern County;
&#149 Tranquility Irrigation District public water system, Fresno County;
&#149 Armona Community Service District public water system, Kings County;
&#149 Public Water System located at 21600 Eight Street East, Sonoma County;
&#149 Groskopf Warehousing & Logistics public water system, Sonoma County;
&#149 Lancelot Mobile Home Park public water system, Santa Rosa;
&#149 Rancho de Sonoma Mobile Home Park, Sonoma County;
&#149 Riverdale Public Utility District, Fresno County;
&#149 J Vineyards & Winery, Sonoma County;
&#149 Arvin Community Services District, Kern County; and
&#149 Pla-Vada Woodlands Community Association, Nevada County.