Feb 27, 2007

EPA Cultivates Water-Efficient Landscapes

Just in time for the spring gardening season, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing its first WaterSense label for landscape irrigation. As part of the agency's new water-efficiency partnership program, two certification programs for landscape irrigation professionals received the WaterSense label for their adherence to water-saving techniques.
The first WaterSense label has been issued to the Irrigation Association's (IA) Certified Irrigation Designer program and Certified Irrigation Contractor program. To earn the WaterSense label, IA's certification programs must test for the ability to design, install and maintain water-efficient landscape irrigation systems, including tailoring systems to the surrounding landscape, selecting water-efficient equipment, tracking local climate conditions, and developing appropriate schedules for watering.
IA's certified irrigation contractors and certified irrigation designers are now eligible to become WaterSense partners and may use the WaterSense partner logo to promote their water-efficient landscape and irrigation services to consumers. EPA is inviting professionals through these programs who share a commitment to water efficiency to become partners and help consumers save water and money while maintaining their yards.
WaterSense is a voluntary public-private partnership that identifies products and programs that help preserve the nation's water supply. The WaterSense program seeks to generate support for consumer use of water-efficient products such as high-efficiency toilets, water-saving faucets, and, in the future, weather-based controllers and soil moisture sensors for lawns and gardens.