Sep 11, 2009

EPA Awards $106 Million for Wastewater Projects in Wisconsin

ARRA funds will repair aging infrastructure, improve water quality

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $105,948,300 million to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This new infusion of money provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will help the state and local governments finance many of the overdue improvements to wastewater projects that are essential to protecting public health and the environment across the state.

"EPA is pleased to provide almost $106 million in Recovery Act funds for much-needed improvements to Wisconsin's aging wastewater infrastructure, including sewer systems," said Bharat Mathur, acting regional administrator. "This money will protect human health and improve water quality while helping to create good jobs in the state."

The Recovery Act funds will go to the state's Clean Water State Revolving Fund program.

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund program provides low-interest loans for water quality protection projects for wastewater treatment, non-point source pollution control and watershed and estuary management. An unprecedented $4 billion will be awarded to fund wastewater infrastructure projects across the country under the Recovery Act in the form of low-interest loans, principal forgiveness and grants.

At least 20% of the funds provided under the Recovery Act are to be used for green infrastructure, water and energy efficiency improvements and other environmentally innovative projects.