Jul 28, 2010

EPA Approves Automatic, Programmable Flushing Systems for Funding

Recognizing conservation benefits, EPA authorized the funding under its Green Projects Reserve program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently authorized funding for products such as Hydro-Guard Automatic and Programmable Flushing Systems and other devices under its Green Projects Reserve (GPR) funding program.

Under the EPA’s GPR program, which is managed by the State Revolving Fund coordinators in each state, automatic flushing devices are acknowledged as a “Categorical Project.” By the EPA’s definition of a Categorical Project, Hydro-Guard automatic and programmable flushing systems (2.0 Water Efficiency; 2.2-11 of Part B-DWSRF) qualify as technology that improves practices to deliver equal or better services using less water, thus protecting water resources for the future. As a Categorical Project, automatic and programmable flushing systems are clearly eligible for GPR grant funding and do not require a business case evaluation according to the EPA.

The EPA’s objective for the GPR program is to direct state investment practices in the water industry and to guide funding toward green practices to complement infrastructure, enhance water and energy conservation and to adopt more sustainable solutions while promoting innovative solutions for water management.

“At Hydro-Guard we are honored to have our products recognized by the U.S. EPA as meeting or exceeding criteria for GPR funding,” said Thomas M. Taylor, P.E., president of Environmental Enhancement and Technologies, USA Inc. “With this qualification more water distribution utilities in the U.S. will be able to advance their flushing programs by way of automation like the thousands who are already reaping the conservation and financial benefits and provide them through the use of Hydro-Guard products.”

Continuing in its commitment to bring affordable water conservation and cost containment solutions through innovative flushing solutions to public and private water distribution utilities is Hydro-Guard’s goals. The company said its staff played an integral part in getting automatic and programmable flushing systems added to the EPA’s GPR program. Its expertise and independent case studies were utilized by EPA consultants to evaluate the effectiveness of automatic flushing devices in regard to water conservation and water resource management.