EPA Announces "Year of the Clean Water" Campaign

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Water Program is launching a year-long celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act and its commitment to meeting the Act's goals by featuring water programs each month.
"The Environmental Protection Agency has so much information that can improve the daily life of the American people and we want to get these messages out, " said G. Tracy Mehan, assistant administrator. "By informing people of new ideas to solve environmental challenges, we believe this campaign will further our efforts in meeting the Clean Water Act's goals."
The nationwide campaign is focused on educating the American people about watersheds, water conservation and water monitoring, safe drinking water, nonpoint source pollution (polluted runoff) and others.
Administrator Christie Whitman, assistant administrator G. Tracy Mehan and deputy assistant administrator Ben Grumbles will be participating in special events all year long and marking the actual anniversary day, Oct. 18, National Water Monitoring Day.
A series of posters, bookmarks, brochures, feature articles, commentaries and other printed materials has been published in honor of the anniversary. EPA plans to have its "The Year of the Clean Water" Web site up and running soon. The main Web site is at www.epa.gov.


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