Environmental Law Conference to Focus on Ground Water Law and Contamination Litigation

Advance registration is open for the 2004 Environmental Law Conference hosted May 5-6 in Chicago by the National Ground Water Association.

This conference will feature papers on ground water law and environmental contamination litigation, presentations on specific court cases, and presentations of hydrogeology, contaminant transport and geochemistry in the courtroom.

To register or learn more about the conference, go to www.ngwa.org/e/index.shtml.

"This conference is relevant to anyone with an interest in ground water contamination. The litigation and debate about liability involving MTBE and perchlorate alone make it very timely and impactful," said Robert Masters, the conference coordinator.

Among the topics that will be discussed are:
• Water rights,
• Oil field pollution, and
• Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA)

Presenters include Rachel Jacobson, a U.S. Department of Justice prosecuting attorney for environmental cases, who will give a special presentation entitled "The Daubert Challenge from the Prosecution’s Perspective." This refers to the 1993 case Daubert vs. Merrill-Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in which the court set a precedent on expert scientific testimony.

National Ground Water Associaiton

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