Aug 05, 2011

Envirogen Enters Selenium Treatment Market for Coal Mining Wastewaters

Fluidized bed reactor technology offers cost-efficient and reliable operations for initial construction

Envirogen Technologies Inc. announced that it has entered the market for treatment of selenium-containing coal mining wastewaters with a portfolio of treatment solutions, highlighted by the company’s fluidized bed reactor (FBR) biological treatment systems and augmented with its high-efficiency ion exchange technology.
Envirogen FBR technology is ideally suited for selenium and nitrate treatment in the coal mining industry. The technology reduces selenium levels and responds well to changes in feed flow and composition, consistently achieving discharge limit conditions.
In addition, these systems can be modular with all-weather protection where desired. The company has recently completed several long-term operational studies with FBR systems in coal mining operations, demonstrating the effectiveness of the technology in the field.