Dec 28, 2000

Engineering Societies Form Alliance to Develop Online Continuing Education Programs

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Engineers, architects and other design professionals now
can update their continuing professional development and increase their
productivity using state-of-the-art educational programs available through the
newly formed Alliance for the Continuing Education for Engineers (ACE2).
The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that online learning costs
one-third less than off-site classroom training and consumes half the time.
Consistent with this estimate, users of ACE2 programs enjoy the convenience of
immediately accessible CD-ROM and web-based training that allows for learning 24
hours a day.
In order to develop and deliver these Internet-based educational programs,
two of America's prominent professional engineering societies, the National
Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and the American Consulting Engineers
Council (ACEC), have formed an alliance with Virtual Education Corporation (VEC),
one of the nation's leading online learning providers. This innovative alliance
will serve the engineering, architecture and design communities by adding a wide
variety of new courses to its continuing education library each year. In
addition to Internet delivery, the training courses will be available via
company intranets and CD-ROM. Professionals can purchase individual courses, and
engineering and architectural firms can purchase subscriptions to the ACE2
library of continuing education courses
"Virtual Education Corporation has employed some of the nation's top
experts in instructional design, computer technology and behavioral psychology
to create a dynamic learning environment," said VEC President Andy
Smith. "The response by engineers to our interactive learning
environment has been phenomenal. Because there is no down time for off-site
training with our online courses, professionals love the efficiency online
learning offers."
ACE2 launched with 13 online courses, including Business Management Trends,
The Ten Commandments of Financial Management, Preemptive Marketing and
Recruiting Stars. The alliance's highly interactive skill-building courses
include video and/or audio instruction, animation, graphics, simulations,
exercises, and templates and electronic tools to transfer the learning to the
workplace. The alliance also produces shorter awareness building courses that
bring engineers the latest industry information in short courses that fit easily
into their schedules. All courses carry Professional Development Hour (PDH)
credits for the maintenance of professional certifications.
The format enables the participants to proceed at their own pace and
personalize their learning experience. Performance easily can be measured,
reported and reinforced using VEC's data management systems. Once the course has
been mastered, VEC can forward the participant's information to state
regulators, the individual society, or the employer, depending on the
participant's or employer's desires
"This alliance will make it easier for our members and the entire
engineering community to fulfill their continuing education requirements,"
explained J. David Waugh, P.E., NSPE President. "Online education is
quickly becoming the desired alternative to taking a class at night or during
the work day. We are addressing that need."
A list of ACE2 courses and associated PDH credit hours is available for
review at
SOURCE: Alliance for the Continuing Education for Engineers