Feb 22, 2017

Jason Maldonado, Paul Thibaudeau Join RJN Group

New client services managers to expand services through sales, marketing

jason maldonado, paul thibaudeau, rjn group, engineering

RJN Group Inc., a consulting engineering and specialty field services firm, welcomed Jason Maldonado and Paul Thibaudeau as its newest client services managers. The two professionals will help RJN continue to expand its services through sales and marketing.  

Jason Maldonado, CFM, has a background in compliance with the Clean Water Act, surface water and storm water quality management, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program implementation and permitting support, and operations/project management. For the last 21 years, Jason has been an advisor in the Texas water quality market and a catalyst for client solutions. Maldonado will be responsible for RJN clients primarily in central and southeast Texas, where he will help RJN deliver collection, conveyance, and distribution system engineering solutions. 

Paul Thibaudeau’s knowledge of construction materials and solutions works well with the RJN engineering solution-driven focus. For the last five years, he has worked throughout Illinois and Wisconsin, managing projects in the underground industry. Paul will leverage his background in civil engineering and experience delivering maintenance and construction solutions for state agencies, local municipalities, and design firms to build business relationships for RJN with communities and utilities in northern Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. 

RJN looks forward to working with Maldonado and Thibaudeau to continue expanding and growing as a company by cultivating and maintaining strong partnerships with its clients.