Arkansas City to Perform Sewer System Analysis

RJN Group to provide data collection and analysis services for West Memphis, Ark.

RJN Group Inc. (RJN) is performing a sewer system analysis in the city of West Memphis, Ark. The analysis is initially focusing on three of the sewer-shed basins identified by West Memphis Utility. RJN will provide engineering services and appropriate field investigation techniques as part of the WMU’s ongoing sewer assessment and infiltration/inflow (I/I) identification and mitigation efforts. The city wants to be proactive and work their way systematically evaluating their sewer system.

Acting as a sub consultant to Fisher & Arnold Inc. of Memphis, Tenn., RJN will provide:

  • • Sewer and rainfall flow monitoring and analysis
  • • I/I defect location identification and quantification
  • • Manhole inspection (535 manholes)
  • • Smoke testing (120,000 LF)
  • • CCTV analysis

Once the data collection and analysis is complete, a Report of Findings and Recommendations will be created for the rehabilitation of existing sewer lines inspected.

RJN Group Inc.

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