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Build America, Buy America

May 21, 2024

When the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was passed and signed, few media outlets and experts took note of a new law contained within it called Build America, Buy America (BABA). BABA requires utilities and contractors use domestically manufactured equipment and materials for permanent items in their federally funded public infrastructure projects. In turn, original equipment manufacturers have to source domestically made materials to ensure they comply with the law or face the consequences of fraud.

With so much water and wastewater treatment innovation outside the U.S., including some equipment that has never been manufactured state-side, utilities may have limited options for some technology unless they get a waiver. Just two years after its effective date, BABA is reshaping water and wastewater infrastructure construction and the companies trying to conduct business in the market.

Sponsored by: Neptune, Mueller Water Products, Sulzer Pumps Solutions Inc., Pentair