Apr 10, 2009

EESTech, Inc., Licenses Purification Technology to Impulse Control Pty., Ltd.

JetWater thermal desalination technology will be used in projects in Australia

EESTech, Inc., Los Angeles, has signed an agreement with the Australian water treatment company Impulse Control Pty., Ltd., whereby Impulse Control will gain a license to manufacture and sell EESTech’s JetWater thermal desalination technology for water purification projects in Australia.

Impulse General Manager Said Riachi said that the partnership with EESTech provides his company with “the final piece of the jigsaw,” as it will allow contaminated water to be cleaned to near 100% purity, using a combination of reverse osmosis and thermal desalination methods.

EESTech said that the agreement is timely because the Queensland Government has foreshadowed a change in policy that will not allow coal seam gas producers to continue to store contaminated water generated by mining operations in holding ponds, or to discharge it into waterways.