Aug 26, 2019

Take the 2019 SGC Water Infrastructure State of the Industry Surveys

2019 surveys provide SGC Water staff with greater understanding of marketplace & industry issues

2019 surveys provide SGC Water staff with greater understanding of marketplace & industry issues
Take the 2019 SGC Water Group state of the industry surveys.

Each year, Water & Wastes Digest, Water Quality Products and Storm Water Solutions conduct surveys of their respective audiences. These surveys are used to inform the state of the industry on an annual basis. Below are excerpts from each brand’s state of the industry report along with links to take this years’ surveys and links to subscribe.

Water & Wastes Digest

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  • Read the 2018 WWD State of the Industry Report

    • Last year, President Donald J. Trump’s infrastructure plan was yet to be realized. This year, there was movement. In October, Trump signed the America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA), which calls upon the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to develop five-year plans through 2024 for water projects. The bill provides $3.6 billion for the Water Infrastructure Development Act, which can be used to institute workforce development programs.

      As usual, Water & Wastes Digest conducted a survey of its audience to determine some significant factors of 2018 and projects for the following year. This survey was conducted by the marketing department at Scranton Gillette Communications, the parent company of WWD. A total of 196 individuals started the survey, and 98 completed it entirely. The primary job function for 63% of respondents was either operations or engineering, with operations making up 36% of that figure. Twenty-three percent were government administration and corporate management.

Water Quality Products

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  • Read the 2018 WQP State of the Industry Report

    • New technologies, regulations and trends shape the trajectory of the water quality industry. To stay on top of the ever-changing landscape, WQP asks its readers about the issues most important to their businesses in order to bring you the annual State of the Industry report. 

      This fall, WQP asked its audience about their demographics, budgeting, purchasing plans and industry resources. Respondents also indicated the topics and challenges that will have the greatest impact on the industry and their businesses in the near future. A total of 103 people participated in this year’s survey.

      WQP is committed to keeping its readers informed on current industry issues. The editorial staff will continue to research and report on the state of the water quality industry throughout the year.

  • Take the 2019 WQP State of the Industry survey. 


Storm Water Solutions

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  • Read the 2018 SWS State of the Industry Report

    • “Overall, I believe the industry has grown and is getting stronger.” 

      Diane Smith, president of East Coast Erosion Control, summarized the overall state of the industry. While Smith’s expertise is in erosion and sediment control, the sentiment applies to storm water, as well. Industry professionals surveyed in the annual SWS State of the Industry survey rated 2018 as a better business year than 2017, and they expect to rate 2019 even higher. The industry’s growth and positive change has left its professionals optimistic, but it does not come without challenges. 

      Extreme weather events are occurring more frequently and in quicker succession. Many industry professionals lament and express concern about climate change. Others, like Smith, view it through a business lens, explaining that climate change simultaneously creates a need for erosion control and make it harder to obtain the raw resources needed to combat erosion. This conclusion can be drawn for much of the industry, as well, and illuminates its greater disparities.

  • 2019 SWS State of the Industry Survey link to come.

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