Sunstone Water Group Opens Manufacturing Facility

Company holds ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new facility in Youngsville, N.C.

Sunstone Water Group opened a new manufacturing facility in Youngsville, N.C., on Friday July 26.  The company currently employs 25 workers at the plant, who are setting up production lines to produce mobile clean water treatment units.  Sunstone Water Group's innovative technology was developed over the past seven years in Europe. This technology utilizes a proprietary seven-module water purification process that is built within a patented anti-shock frame, which is enclosed in a patented climate controlled reefer container.  The Sunstone Water Group mobile water treatment systems have technology with communication consoles allowing engineers to monitor water treatment operations off-site, from anywhere in the world. Sunstone Water Group has the capability to separate oil from water through their ceramic membrane technology. The units can also clean wastewater from industrial facilities, manufacturing and food processing industries so it can be utilized and recycled.

The company held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday at the new facility.

"This represents the first of many key investments into our manufacturing capacity.  We have been fortunate to work with the economic development teams in Franklin County, making this an easy decision on our location and facility. This area has a workforce of highly qualified individuals, as well as many prestigious universities close by. The county has been a true partner — helping us build a business plan that will allow us to grow into the future. Sunstone Water Group is proud to locate its North American manufacturing facility in Youngsville and call North Carolina home," said Elo Nielsen, chief executive officer for Sunstone Water Group.

Sunstone Water Group's goal is to give their customers a versatile, customized, modular system producing the highest quality of water purification, without the use of chemicals, in the shortest delivery time possible. The unit's mobile capability and module assembly allows Sunstone's Clean Water Unit to be readily available for disaster sites and quickly delivered to commercial customers for water and wastewater treatment. By combining high tech ceramic membranes and nanotechnology, Sunstone is able to deliver water purification. 

Sunstone Water Group

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