Mar 14, 2014

Hungerford & Terry Inc. Appoints New President

Thomas Carrocino succeeds Alan Davis, who will be retiring after 42 years

Hungerford & Terry Thomas Carrocino President Alan Davis March 2014

Hungerford & Terry announced, effective March 20, 2014, Thomas J. Carrocino will be the new president of the water conditioning purification engineering and manufacturing firm.

Carrocino succeeds Alan Davis, who will be retiring after 42 years, serving the last 19 as president. Prior to that he was H&T’s chief engineer and vice president of engineering. During his tenure as president, he oversaw the company’s steady growth and cutting-edge improvements in its state-of-the-art water systems and H&T specialties, including the removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, radium, hydrogen sulfide and nitrate, which meet the wide-ranging needs of H&T customers around the globe.

Carrocino has been with Hungerford & Terry for 37 years, serving the company with distinction in a variety of positions. For the past 11 years, he was entrusted as the vice president of operations, effectively overseeing all of the company’s daily operations. Other positions he has held have been in the areas of sales, service, purchasing and engineering. Since 1994, Carrocino has been on Hungerford & Terry’s board of directors.

Carrocino graduated from Gloucester County College in New Jersey in 1977 and learned about every facet of H&T’s business intensively through rigorous, hands-on training put into practice during his many years of outstanding service.