FutureNet Group, Solar Water Energy Mourn Loss of CEO, Inventor

Hammam Battah, P.E., contributed greatly to the company's scientific analysis and perseverance

FutureNet Group and Solar Water Energy (SWE) are deeply saddened by the passing of Hammam Battah, P.E., inventor and chief executive officer of SWE. His two U.S. patents, awarded after many years of scientific analysis and perserverance, made it possible to use solar energy to convert seawater into fresh water and stored energy into electicity.

Battah was a gentle spirit and father figure to all who knew him. At the time of his passing, he was managing the construction of a dream come true, one of the world's first solar desalination plants currently under construction at a university in India.

When it is fully operational, it will generate up to 64,000 gal of water daily and make the campus fully independent of the local municipal water system.

FutureNet Group, Solar Water Energy

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