Sep 27, 2007

EcoNova Wins Contract for EPA Office in Noosa National Park

EcoNova has been chosen by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the official supplier of water recycling solutions for their new self-sustainable office and workshop located in the Noosa National Park.

EcoNova General Manager, Christian Uhrig said that the environmental impact on the National Park was of utmost importance for the EPA when considering which systems they would implement.

“EcoNova is at the forefront of research and development in environmental sustainability and water recycling solutions and is proud to be associated with this high profile eco-sensitive and sustainable project,” said Mr Uhrig.

The project will comprise of three vital stages. Firstly, any waste water from the offices and workshop will be recycled using the NovaClear system, the first and only system certified in Queensland for water recycling and above-ground irrigation without further disinfection.

The recycled water produced using this system is of the highest quality, free of chlorine and suitable to be used for irrigation of the re-vegetation area.

The second stage will incorporate Rainwater Harvesting, while the third will incorporate a wash down pad using EcoNova’s unique NovaUltra ultrafiltration trade waste water recycling system.

The NovaUltra system, designed and tested over the past 12 months, has received rave reviews from those within the industry following its launch.

EcoNova’s Technical Director, Craig Timms believes that ultrafiltration is the way of the future.