May 14, 2008

Ecoloclean Industries Announces New Executive

John Adams takes over as vice president and chief operating officer

Ecoloclean Industries, Inc. recently announced that John Adams of J. L. Adams Associates of Eustis, Fla., has joined the company as vice president and chief operating officer. John Adams has provided consulting services for the past year. Efforts are already underway to contract support companies to provide improvements in the sales and communication structure and functions of the company. These enhancements will include website and phone system upgrades, marketing and sales call center, other business structure improvements and sales and marketing materials.

According to Royis Ward, chairman and CEO of Ecoloclean Industries, Inc., "As a consultant, John Adams has been an invaluable part of launching the E-C WaterPure System. John has been an integral part of developing and enhancing the core competencies of our team and the viability of our technologies, intellectual properties, and emerging opportunities. Ecoloclean Industries, Inc. is transitioning from the research and development stage of the E-C WaterPure System to the practical application and sales of the system. We required someone with stellar organization and management skills. We are very fortunate to have John's level of excellence to lead our efforts! As our COO, John will be empowered and have all the necessary authority to lead our day-to-day operations during this exciting time. John Adams will report directly to me in this role."

The company has previously announced the strategy to accelerate acceptance and contract acquisitions for ECCI in Texas. Adams will be the primary contact and team member responsible for the development and sales of all potential applications and uses of the E-C WaterPure System including ongoing effort on the Barnett Shale.