Oct 24, 2007

Eco-Friendly Corporations form Alliance of Leak & Drainage Services & Solutions

American Leak Detection (ALD), the leading brand in non-invasive leak detection services, and Environmental Biotech International (EBI), a United Kingdom and United States headquartered leader in sewer, grease and odor solutions, are pleased to announce the first stage of a comprehensive long-term business alliance. Their joint vision will build a “one-stop-shop” for environmentally friendly products and services related to water management, water conservation and water recycling.

Environmental Biotech has a range of environmentally friendly products and services that eliminate fats from drains and solve other wastewater and odor problems. Many of its products and services are based on microbes that eat noxious substances, typically leaving behind nothing more than carbon dioxide and water. The process is called bio remediation, and it is both more environmentally friendly than conventional solutions (harsh chemicals and drain company call-outs) and more cost effective too – so much so that companies such as McDonald’s are now regular users.

Under the terms of the alliance, ALD will operate EBI locations in the U.S. and ALD’s nationwide franchise network will be the primary point of distribution for EBI products. In turn, EBI will open ALD franchise locations throughout the United Kingdom. Aziz Tejpar, President of EBI, will lead the international expansion of both companies, capitalizing on his twenty years of experience in international business development and franchising.

Tejpar further explains that beyond clogs, these byproducts also produce landfill problems in disposal. EBI’s naturally grown, biotech products address both dimensions in remediating the clogs into non-potable water that can then be recycled into useable water and even biofuels.

The companies envision additional phases resulting from their relationship. Beyond creating a premium service for customers, they will both be working with Plain Sight Systems and Yale scientists to help shape the regulatory and policy environment to promote non-invasive and environmentally friendly solutions.