Echologics Signs Three-Year Agreement With United Water

Company will supply services for leak detection and pipe condition assessment

Echologics, a developer of acoustic-based technologies for water loss management, leak detection and pipe condition assessment, secured a three-year master services agreement with United Water.

The agreement enables any operating division of United Water to readily utilize Echologics leak detection and condition assessment services. United Water serves water and wastewater utilities, supplying services to approximately seven million people in the continental U.S.

The agreement between United Water and Echologics is the result of a successful transmission main leak detection pilot project completed in the fall of 2010. The pilot included testing of approximately five miles of water mains, including large diameter reinforced concrete pipe, pre-stressed cylinder concrete and cast-iron pipe for United Water New Jersey (UWNJ).

During the survey, Echologics non-invasively located a major leak on a river crossing, which was discovered on a 42-in. CIP water main, with an estimated loss of 100,000 gal per day and was isolated without breaking ground or disrupting service. As a result of the survey, UWNJ was able to quickly repair the leak, avoiding potential catastrophic failure.

“Leaks and aging water pipes present significant challenges to water service providers around the world,” UWNJ Operations Engineer Antonio Vicente said. “By partnering with Echologics, United Water can take a proactive, efficient approach to mitigating water leaks and assessing the structural condition of pipes before service is compromised.”

Mueller Water Products Inc.

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