Dec 28, 2000

E-Commerce Taps Into in Water Industry's 5 Billion Dollar Market Through First B2B and B2C Internet Portal, a retailer of water treatment equipment, recently launched its Web site -- an e-commerce portal for manufacturers and end users.

The new portal features thousands of water treatment products and related accessories from more than 150 manufacturers, which sell directly to end-user organizations including municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants, international dealers and independent dealer organizations.

Through a database of more than 100,000 items from leading manufacturers, enables comparison shopping and instant online purchasing without middle-market delays and cost increases.

"While customers can benefit from a highly accessible, cost effective, efficient and secure
e-commerce site, manufacturers can quickly expand their market reach and reduce sales expenses -- without any upfront costs," said chief operating officer Thane Tagg.

Through strategic agreements with, leading manufacturers offer merchandise at competitive pricing. This inventory is cross referenced in 20 major categories including purification, filtration, analytical, disinfection, parts and accessories and/or by part number, product description and manufacturer name. customer databases are kept confidential and transactions are securely conducted through advanced encryption technology. Further, manufacturers no longer need to service each sale through order processing, invoicing and account collections. All orders are supported by an advanced online customer service tracking feature or through live resolution by phone with the Customer Service Group.

SOURCE: PRNewswire