DWR Schedules Energy Workshops for Water and Wastewater Agencies

As part of ongoing efforts by California to promote energy conservation and awareness, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) will sponsor a series of informational workshops this month to benefit water and wastewater agencies.
Hosted by local water agencies in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose, the workshops will target energy saving activities for water agencies by addressing several subject areas:
-The relationship between water use and energy demand;
-The importance of shifting water use from peak energy demand periods;
-Strategy sharing for shifting peak demand in 2005 and preparation for 2006; and
-How conservation contributes to peak load reduction.
Workshop speakers will include Wally McGuire from the Flex Your Power campaign, Shahid Chaundhry from the California Energy Commission and representatives from energy, water and wastewater utilities.
Water production, distribution, treatment, and disposal represent more than 10% of all statewide energy use. During summertime peak demand periods, energy use is extremely high in relation to available supplies. Any generating capacity loss or transmission line problem due to an extended heat wave or other factor within a particular region, the state or the western power grid could create a critical power situation. As of Aug. 3, there have been eight "Flex Your Power" days this year.
Registration has been arranged through the Flex Your Power Website at www.fypower.org. There's no attendance charge but reservations are required for the San Jose workshop to facilitate luncheon arrangements.

Department of Water Resources

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