Dec 28, 2000

The Drink of Choice

Bottled water: The water drinker’s drink of choice. And lately, it has had stiff competition thanks to television and newspaper reports about the purity of tap water.

But with the industry seizing great opportunities, is there any doubt that bottled water won’t continue to be a huge business in upcoming years? It is certainly important for all of us to continue to educate ourselves and be on top of our businesses. This special show issue is packed with helpful information from beginning your bottled water business to finding new opportunities for expansion.

This year, the International Bottled Water Association’s 42nd Annual Convention and Trade Show will occur in Seattle, Wash. Home to Starbucks, Microsoft and Boeing, Seattle is sure to please a variety of interests. Boasting fantastic exhibits, conferences, plant tours and special guest speakers, the IBWA show uniquely targets the bottled water professional.

Each year members of the bottled water community meet to share ideas, technologies and new products. A list of conferences and exhibitors, beginning on page 22, illustrates the importance of the show. While you may be spending much of your time on the trade show floor, don’t forget to attend the large variety of educational sessions and plant tours that will enlighten you about business management, customer service, marketing and water problems and solutions.

Several IBWA sessions are aimed at marketing a business. How can you compete against another company? Why is it important to have a successful marketing program? On page 14, Chantal Liu, WQP’s editorial assistant, speaks with manufacturers and dealers about various ways they create a good image. From aiding hurricane victims to hiring well-known spokespeople, these companies know how to make a splash in their communities.

Then, on page 10, Patrick Rolfes founder of AquaBrew, offers tips on how to add office coffee service (OCS) to your list of services. He discusses why you should consider OCS, marketing and sales programs and explains great ways to get your new service off the ground.

And if that isn’t enough to whet your bottled water appetites, on page 18, National Testing Laboratories concludes its three-part series on "Getting Started in the Bottled Water Business." This month, licensing and labeling ware the hot topic. This article reviews the bottling requirements in various states and label recommendations.

See you in Seattle!

Wendi Hope King
[email protected]

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