Feb 06, 2014

Upgrade Kits Reduce UV System Energy Consumption

The system can reduce energy consumption of UV systems by up to 30%

Xylem Wedeco Ecoray upgrade kit ultraviolet UV energy consumption

Xylem Inc. introduced new Wedeco Ecoray Upgrade Kits that can reduce the energy consumption of an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system by up to 30%. The kits combine Wedeco’s experience with UV disinfection with high-performance technology to ensure the optimum operation of a facility using a minimum amount of energy.

The kits incorporate Wedeco Ecoray UV lamps with ballasts which enable the lamps to consistently perform at their very best for more than 14,000 hours. Wedeco UVC sensors guarantee accurate UV measurements and support the ballasts and lamps’ operation while preventing energy waste. Wipers and brushes keep the sleeves and sensors free from dirt.

“Xylem is focused on supporting our customers to operate reliable, efficient and effective UV disinfection facilities,” said Detlef Krieger, product manager for Xylem’s Wedeco Aftermarket and Service business. “By incorporating high performing technology and UV disinfection expertise into a facility, a reliable operation with a minimum total life-cycle cost can be achieved. We have also introduced a new ‘Lifetime Performance Guarantee’ for customers who consistently use Xylem’s Wedeco solutions. In addition, our TotalCare Energy Audits, which involve our certified technicians auditing a system and recommending strategies to enhance efficiencies, have secured energy savings of more than 30% for customers.”